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Table 1 The frequency and mutations confer resistance to fluoroquinolones

From: Fluoroquinolone resistance and mutational profile of gyrA in pulmonary MDR tuberculosis patients

gyrA Mutation probeMissing wild type probePhenotypic SusceptibilityMutationFrequency
(n = 102)
gyr A MUT1gyr A WT2ResistantA90V25
gyr A MUT2gyr A WT2
gyr A WT3
gyr A MUT3Agyr A WT3ResistantD94A7
gyr A MUT3Bgyr A WT3ResistantD94N/Y9
gyr A MUT3Cgyr A WT3ResistantD94G45
Noneany one wild type probeResistantA90V D94A D94G9