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Table 3 End user satisfaction questionnaire

From: A feasibility study evaluating a reservoir storage system for continuous oxygen delivery for children with hypoxemia in Kenya

Questionnaire item Percent agreementa (N = 7)
The MPR is easy to use 7 (100)
It is difficult to…
 Turn on and off 0
 Monitor the level of O2 and alarm signals during power outages 0
 Adjust the flow rate 0
 The back-up O2 provided clinically significant help during power outages 7 (100)
The best features of the device are…
 O2 remainder indicator 4 (57)
 Automated transition to back-up O2 cylinder during power outages 3 (43)
 Ability to treat 2 patients at once 2 (29)
 Ability to deliver continuous O2 through power outages 7 (100)
 Capacity to cover power outages 6 (86)
Features that need to be improved are…
 O2 remainder indicator and alarms 0
 Capacity of the MPR to treat more patients 3 (43)
 O2 purity indicator and alarms 1 (14)
 Capacity of the MPR to provide O2 for longer durations 5 (71)
 Footprint of the MPR 0
During a power outage, the MPR…
 Worked without the need to make adjustments in O2 therapy 4 (57)
 Worked with minimal control of monitoring the amount of stored O2 3 (43)
 Worked without the need to make adjustments in O2 therapy based on the remaining O2 2 (29)
 Was not used to significantly improve uninterrupted O2 supply 0
 The use of the MPR during a power outage interrupted typical standard of care 0
 It is easy to move the concentrator linked to the MPR within the room 4 (67)b
 The location of the storage tank is a disturbance to daily work and facility management 0c
 You would change the size of the MPR 2 (33)b
 You would change the location of the MPR 0b
  1. aFor Likert scale questions, agree or strongly agree were considered agreement. For yes/no questions, affirmative response was considered agreement
  2. bOne respondent answered "not applicable" and was not included in the calculations
  3. cOn a Likert scale from 1 to (no disturbance to significant disturbance), six respondents answered 1 and one respondent answered 2