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Table 2 Association between rs7216389 polymorphism and childhood asthma under different genetic models

From: Household mold exposure interacts with inflammation-related genetic variants on childhood asthma: a case–control study

Genetic model Genotype aOR (95% CI) FDR adjusted p value
Dominant CC ref 0.18
  TT + TC 1.72 (1.09, 2.77)  
Recessive CC + CT ref 0.06
  TT 1.34 (1.08, 1.66)  
Additive a T allele 1.32 (1.11, 1.57) 0.02
  1. aOR adjusted odds ratio, Ref reference, FDR False discovery rate
  2. aThe genotypes were categorized into a three-level variable for the number of major alleles under the additive model (0, 1, 2)
  3. Models were adjusted for age and gender