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Table 2 Sub-themes and quotations of nursing perspective of how a patient will perceive new terms

From: Renaming COPD exacerbations: the UK respiratory nursing perspective

Sub-themes Quote
Meaning of ‘crisis’ Crisis is a word of historical importance and has elements of time and cause attached to it’.
‘Crisis is good for a bad exacerbation’
Familiarity to the term ‘crisis’ ‘Haven't used the word crisis but actually may be a good way to recognise the importance’.
Use of the term ‘crisis’ in other medical conditions ‘I think that this fits with other diseases such as sickle cell’
‘I think if we use the word attack or crisis it portrays the seriousness of the situation such as a heart attack as people understand this terminology’.
Urgency of the word ‘crisis’ ‘It gives the idea that rapid intervention will be needed’
‘A crisis or lung attack might be perceived as more concerning for a patient’.
‘Exacerbation’ and healthcare utilisation ‘Exacerbation not always infectious – using the word infection increases expectations for antibiotics’