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Table.3 Surgical complications and management

From: Outcomes of adjunctive surgery for nontuberculous mycobacterial pulmonary disease

No. Complication Age Sex Mycobacterial species Type of procedure Thoracotomy LOS, days Management Outcome
1 Prolonged air leakage 72 M M. avium RUL posterior and RLL superior bisegmentectomy Yes 19 Pleurodesis Controlled
2 Wound dehiscence 65 F M. abscessus subsp. abscessus RUL lobectomy No 9 Primary wound closure Controlled
3 Prolonged air leakage 73 F M. intracellulare RUL lobectomy with RLL wedge resection Yes 34 Pleurodesis Controlled
4 Postoperative delayed bleeding 45 F M. abscessus subsp. abscessus RUL wedge resection No 8 Hemoclipping Controlled
5 Pneumonia with parapneumonic effusion 68 M M. avium RUL lobectomy Yes 21 Antibiotics Controlled
6 Bronchopleural fistula, atrial fibrillation 84 M M. abscessus subsp. abscessus Lt. pneumonectomy Yes 11 Closed tube thoracostomy, antibiotics Controlled
7 Pneumonia 62 M M. intracellulare Lt. pneumonectomy Yes 44 Antibiotics Controlled
8 Wound dehiscence 46 F M. intracellulare RLL lobectomy No 7 Primary wound closure Controlled
9 Prolonged air leakage 60 M M. abscessus subsp. abscessus RML lobectomy No 16 Pleurodesis, RUL wedge resection Controlled
  1. LOS Length of stay, RUL right upper lobe, RLL right lower lobe, subsp subspecies, Lt left, RML right middle lobe