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Table 1 Checklist for clinical data collection and follow-up plan of enrolled patients

From: The effects of antifungal therapy on the recurrence of aspergillus infection after pulmonary aspergilloma resection: a study protocol for a single-center, prospective, non-blind, randomized, 24-month, parallel group study

  Screening stage Treatment period (one day to three months after enrollment) Evaluation period (once every three months for 24 months)
Informed consent X   
Demographic statistics X   
History of present illness and treatment X   
Symptoms and vital signs X X X
Inclusion/exclusion criteria X   
Blood routine X X X
Blood biochemical test X X X
G test of peripheral blood X X X
GM test peripheral blood X X X
IgA, IgG, IgM X X X
HCG of peripheral blood or urine X   
Noninvasive oxygen saturation X   
Chest CT X X X
Electrocardiograph X X X
Fungal smear and culture X X X
Basic drugs and combined drugs X X X
Distribution of research drugs X   
Recall of research drug   X X
Evaluation of adverse events X X X
Schedule of next visit   X X
Compliance evaluation   X X
effectiveness evaluation   X X
SGRQ score X X X
Evaluation of microbiological efficacy   X X
Survival   X X
  1. HCG, human chorionic gonadotropin; Ig immune globulin; SGRQ, St. George’s Respiratory Questionnaire