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Table 3 High-throughput next-generation sequencing (HT-NGS) results led to change in treatment strategies

From: High-throughput next-generation sequencing for identifying pathogens during early-stage post-lung transplantation

Patient Conventional microbiological testing HT-NGS results(reads) Changes in treatment strategies Outcome
NO. 9 Candida albicans Strongyloides stercoralis (5911), Candida albicans (122) Added Ivermectin to the original regimen Recovery
NO. 23 Negative Legionella pneumophila (16498) Changed from Piperacillin sodium tazobactam sodium to Azithromycin and Moxifloxacin Recovery
NO. 30 Klebsiella pneumoniae Mycobacterium abscessus (58529), Klebsiella pneumoniae (638651), Enterococcus faecium (5308) Added Linezolid and Clarithromycin to the original regimen Recovery