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Table 2 Biosampling and laboratory analyses in IRIS

From: IRIS: Infection with RespIratory Syncytial Virus in infants—a prospective observational cohort study

Source Specimen Direct analysis Biobank sampling; planned analyses
Upper airway tract Nasopharyngeal aspirate or swab PCR pathogen screening, microbiome analysis, culture (optional) Yes; sequencing and cultures of clinical viral strains
Upper airway tract Nasal fluid   Yes; cytokine analyses, transcriptome, microRNA analysis
Blood EDTA Optional: differential blood count Yes; flow cytometry, chip-cytometry, genomics, epigenomics
Blood Serum Optional: CRP, creatinin, sodium, urea, blood gas Yes; proteomics, metabolome, antibody-screening
Blood Plasma   Yes; microRNA, metabolome