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Table 1 Significant associations of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease loci with asthma in the combined analysis of two Caucasian cohorts

From: Analysis of GWAS-nominated loci for lung cancer and COPD revealed a new asthma locus

CHR SNPa HGVS name Genotyped or imputed MAF SLSJ/UCSCb Nearest gene r2c SLSJ cohort CanCOLD Combined (SLSJ, CanCOLD)
Effect allele P Effect allele P Z-score P
2 rs13382914 g.15969655C>T Imputed 0.23/0.42 111,028 bp before MYCN 0.995 T 0.011 T 0.001 4.014 5.98E−05
rs56003245 g.15970221T>A Imputed 0.23/0.43 110,462 bp before MYCN 0.995 A 0.018 A 0.001 3.990 6.62E−05
rs61557349 g.15970339A>G Imputed 0.23/0.42 110,344 bp before MYCN 0.995 G 0.018 G 0.001 − 3.990 6.62E−05
rs4668471 g.15977866A>T Imputed 0.23/0.53 102,817 bp before MYCN 1.000 T 0.009 T 0.001 − 4.056 4.99E−05
  1. Chr, chromosome; CanCOLD, Canadian Cohort Obstructive Lung Disease; HGVS, human genome variation society; MAF, minor allele frequency; SLSJ cohort, Saguenay–Lac-Saint-Jean asthma familial cohort
  2. aSNPs identified using data from dbSNP151
  3. bHGVS names and distance from genes’ transcription start sites calculated from human genome version 19 (hg19, GRCh37). †MAF for the SLSJ cohort and the 1000 Genomes project available from UCSC Genome Browser (
  4. cR square between the most significant genetic variant and the three other ones