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  1. Different clinical predictors of physical activity (PA) have been described in idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (IPF), but studies are lacking evaluating the potential role of muscle strength and anxiety and depr...

    Authors: Diana Badenes-Bonet, Anna Rodó-Pin, Diego Castillo-Villegas, Vanesa Vicens-Zygmunt, Guadalupe Bermudo, Fernanda Hernández-González, Karina Portillo, Juana Martínez-Llorens, Roberto Chalela, Oswaldo Caguana, Jacobo Sellarés, Maria Molina-Molina, Xavier Duran, Joaquim Gea, Diego Agustín Rodríguez-Chiaradia and Eva Balcells
    Citation: BMC Pulmonary Medicine 2022 22:340
  2. No consensus has been reached on an optimal blood lactate evaluation system although several approaches have been reported in the literature in recent years. A group-based trajectory modeling (GBTM) method cou...

    Authors: Haoyue Zhang, Ziping Li, Weiqiang Zheng, Linlin Zhang, Tianqi Yang, Keliang Xie and Yonghao Yu
    Citation: BMC Pulmonary Medicine 2022 22:339
  3. Although 20–60% of patients with chronic rhinosinusitis with nasal polyps (CRSwNP) have asthma, the risk factors associated with comorbid asthma are not clear. The aim of the study was to investigate the facto...

    Authors: Fangyuan Li, Xuechen Wang, Shen Shen, Kai Huang, Ming Wang, Xiaofang Liu, Chengshuo Wang, Jianmin Jin and Luo Zhang
    Citation: BMC Pulmonary Medicine 2022 22:338
  4. The optimum timing to wean is crucial to avoid negative outcomes for mechanically ventilated patients. The rapid shallow breathing index (RSBI), a widely used weaning index, has limitations in predicting weani...

    Authors: Jia Song, Zhixian Qian, Haixiang Zhang, Minjia Wang, Yihua Yu, Cong Ye, Weihang Hu and Shijin Gong
    Citation: BMC Pulmonary Medicine 2022 22:337
  5. Direct localization of small and deep pulmonary nodules before thoracoscopic surgery using the hookwire or methylene blue techniques has been recently attempted for better surgical outcomes. In this study, we ...

    Authors: Senlin Chu, Ning Wei, Dong Lu, Jie Chai, Shun Liu and Weifu Lv
    Citation: BMC Pulmonary Medicine 2022 22:336
  6. There are various reports on factors associated with physical activity in patients with chronic respiratory diseases. However, there are no studies on the relationship between physical activity and psychologic...

    Authors: Tomohiro Kawaji, Takashi Hasegawa and Yasushi Uchiyama
    Citation: BMC Pulmonary Medicine 2022 22:335
  7. Currently, the rate of morbidity and mortality in acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS) remains high. One of the potential reasons for the poor and ineffective therapies is the lack of early and credible ...

    Authors: Songchang Shi, Shuo Wei, Xiaobin Pan, Lihui Zhang, Shujuan Zhang, Xincai Wang, Songjing Shi and Wei Lin
    Citation: BMC Pulmonary Medicine 2022 22:334
  8. Human tumors are highly heterogeneous at the cellular, molecular, genetic and functional levels. Tumor heterogeneity has tremendous impact on cancer progression and treatment responses. However, the mechanisms...

    Authors: Dong Xia, Jieyi Liu, Juanjuan Yong, Xiang Li, Weidong Ji, Zhiqiang Zhao, Xiaohui Wang, Chen Xiao, Sai Wu, Huaixiang Liu, Heping Zhao and Yun He
    Citation: BMC Pulmonary Medicine 2022 22:333
  9. Due to the low efficiency of a single clinical feature or laboratory variable in the diagnosis of tuberculous pleural effusion (TBPE), the diagnosis of TBPE is still challenging. This study aimed to build a sc...

    Authors: Senquan Wu, Shaomei Li, Nianxin Fang, Weiliang Mo, Huadong Wang and Ping Zhang
    Citation: BMC Pulmonary Medicine 2022 22:332
  10. Pleural infection is a complex condition with a considerable healthcare burden. The average hospital stay for pleural infection is 14 days. Current standard of care defaults to chest tube insertion and intrave...

    Authors: David T. Arnold, Emma Tucker, Anna Morley, Alice Milne, Louise Stadon, Sonia Patole, George W. Nava, Steven P. Walker and Nick A. Maskell
    Citation: BMC Pulmonary Medicine 2022 22:330
  11. Idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (IPF) often has significant diagnostic delay. At present it is not well-known what factors associate with time to diagnosis and if this is associated with survival after the diagn...

    Authors: T. W. Hoffman, H. W. van Es, D. H. Biesma and J. C. Grutters
    Citation: BMC Pulmonary Medicine 2022 22:329
  12. Lung nodule management remains a challenge to clinicians, especially in endemic tuberculosis areas. Different guidelines are available with various recommendations; however, the suitability of these guidelines...

    Authors: Norsyuhada Zaharudin, Mas Fazlin Mohamad Jailaini, Nik Nuratiqah Nik Abeed, Boon Hau Ng, Andrea Yu-Lin Ban, Mohd Imree, Rozman Zakaria, Syed Zulkifli Syed Zakaria and Mohamed Faisal Abdul Hamid
    Citation: BMC Pulmonary Medicine 2022 22:328
  13. Combined pulmonary fibrosis and emphysema (CPFE) is a novel clinical entity with a poor prognosis. This study aimed to develop a clinical nomogram model to predict the 1-, 2- and 3-year mortality of patients w...

    Authors: Qing Liu, Di Sun, Yu Wang, Pengfei Li, Tianci Jiang, Lingling Dai, Mengjie Duo, Ruhao Wu and Zhe Cheng
    Citation: BMC Pulmonary Medicine 2022 22:327
  14. The maximum gain in quality of life after lung transplantation (LT) is expected between six months and one year after LT, as the occurrence of chronic lung allograft dysfunction may mask the beneficial effects...

    Authors: Alexy Tran-Dinh, Donia Bouzid, Adnan El Kalai, Enora Atchade, Sébastien Tanaka, Brice Lortat-Jacob, Sylvain Jean-Baptiste, Nathalie Zappella, Sandrine Boudinet, Yves Castier, Hervé Mal, Pierre Mordant, Jonathan Messika and Philippe Montravers
    Citation: BMC Pulmonary Medicine 2022 22:326
  15. Birt-Hogg-Dubé syndrome (BHD) is an inherited disease caused by pathogenic variants in the FLCN gene. One of the characteristics is the increased risk for spontaneous pneumothorax, likely due to the presence of p...

    Authors: Jincey D. Sriram, Irma van de Beek, Paul C. Johannesma, Michiel H. van Werkum, Tijmen J. W. T. van der Wel, Elise M. Wessels, Hans J. J. P. Gille, Arjan C. Houweling, Pieter E. Postmus and Hans J. M. Smit
    Citation: BMC Pulmonary Medicine 2022 22:325
  16. N6-methyladenosine (m6A) is the most common RNA modification, which plays a pivotal role in tumor development and progression. In this study, we assessed the role of m6A methyltransferase METTL3 in FRAS1-invol...

    Authors: Xuejun Dou, Zhiyuan Wang, Weiqiang Lu, Libin Miao and Yuefeng Zhao
    Citation: BMC Pulmonary Medicine 2022 22:324

    The Correction to this article has been published in BMC Pulmonary Medicine 2022 22:450

  17. The mortality rate remains high among patients with coinfection with Pneumocystis pneumonia (PCP) and HIV. The timing for initiation of antiretroviral therapy (ART) after a diagnosis of moderate to severe PCP rem...

    Authors: Yan-Ming Zeng, Yao Li, Yan-Qiu Lu, Min Liu, Jing-Min Nie, Jing Yuan, Vijay Harypursat, Yi-Hong Zhou, Yuan-Yuan Qin, Xiao-Hong Chen, Yu-Lin Zhang, De-Fa Zhang, Ni Wang, Hui Chen, Qun Tian, Yang Zhou…
    Citation: BMC Pulmonary Medicine 2022 22:323
  18. Peroxisomes are organelles that play essential roles in many metabolic processes, but also play roles in innate immunity, signal transduction, aging and cancer. One of the main functions of peroxisomes is the ...

    Authors: Jane S. Y. Sui, Petra Martin, Anna Keogh, Pierre Murchan, Lisa Ryan, Siobhan Nicholson, Sinead Cuffe, Pilib Ó Broin, Stephen P. Finn, Gerard J. Fitzmaurice, Ronan Ryan, Vincent Young and Steven G. Gray
    Citation: BMC Pulmonary Medicine 2022 22:321
  19. Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) is one of the major health issues worldwide. Pathophysiological changes in COPD are mainly reflected in the deterioration of lung function with aging.

    Authors: Tieshan Wang, Zhaoqi Jia, Sen Li, Yuxin Li, Tingting Yu, Tao Lu and Yuanyuan Shi
    Citation: BMC Pulmonary Medicine 2022 22:320
  20. Electromagnetic navigation bronchoscopy (ENB) is an emerging advanced imaging-guided bronchoscopy technique for diagnosing peripheral lung lesions. However, the selection strategy for the optimal biopsy device...

    Authors: Yeon Wook Kim, Hyung-Jun Kim, Sung Hyun Yoon, Kyung Hee Lee, Young Mi Park, So Yeon Ahn, Myung Jin Song, Byoung Soo Kwon, Sung Yoon Lim, Yeon Joo Lee, Jong Sun Park, Young-Jae Cho, Ho Il Yoon, Jae Ho Lee and Choon-Taek Lee
    Citation: BMC Pulmonary Medicine 2022 22:319
  21. The risk of developing lung cancer is increased in smokers, patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, individuals exposed to environmental carcinogens, and those with a history of lung cancer. Autom...

    Authors: Hye Sook Choi and Ji-Youn Sung
    Citation: BMC Pulmonary Medicine 2022 22:318
  22. Computed tomography-guided hook wire localization (CT-GHWL) was used to localize the small pulmonary nodules before video-assisted thoracic surgery (VATS). Its associated complications included hook wire dislo...

    Authors: Haiyin Fan, Changying Guo and Bin Zou
    Citation: BMC Pulmonary Medicine 2022 22:317
  23. NLR is a systemic inflammatory marker that have been associated with overall survival in patients with some rapidly progressive disease. There are few data about the diagnostic and predictive value of NLR in a...

    Authors: Tao Liu, Wen Li, Zehao Zhang, Ting Jiang, Yu Fei, Jing Huang and Qibing Xie
    Citation: BMC Pulmonary Medicine 2022 22:316
  24. In women, slender body habitus has been reported to be one of the predisposing factors underlying the development and poor prognosis of non-tuberculous mycobacterial lung disease (NTM-LD). Given the lack of nu...

    Authors: Yumi Takayama, Takamasa Kitajima, Noritsugu Honda, Naoki Sakane, Yukina Yumen, Motonari Fukui and Narumi Nagai
    Citation: BMC Pulmonary Medicine 2022 22:315
  25. Acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS) is a rapidly progressive and fatal respiratory failure disease that often occurs in critically ill patients. Since ARDS is associated with immune dysregulation and co...

    Authors: Shiyu Nie, Hongjin Wang, Qiuyu Liu, Ze Tang, Wu Tao and Nian Wang
    Citation: BMC Pulmonary Medicine 2022 22:314
  26. The disease course of idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (IPF) is progressive and occasionally, other types of interstitial lung disease (ILD) may progress similarly to IPF. This study aimed to evaluate risk factor...

    Authors: Minna Mononen, Eeva Saari, Hannele Hasala, Hannu-Pekka Kettunen, Sanna Suoranta, Hanna Nurmi, Miia Kärkkäinen, Tuomas Selander, Jukka Randell, Jari Laurikka, Toomas Uibu, Heikki Koskela, Riitta Kaarteenaho and Minna Purokivi
    Citation: BMC Pulmonary Medicine 2022 22:313
  27. Researchers have linked cardiovascular disease (CVD) with advancing age; however, how it drives disease progression in elderly severe community acquired pneumonia (SCAP) patients is still unclear. This study a...

    Authors: Linjing Gong, Dingxiu He, Dong Huang, Zhenru Wu, Yujun Shi and Zongan Liang
    Citation: BMC Pulmonary Medicine 2022 22:312
  28. The purpose of this study was to evaluate the usefulness of intraprocedural CT and prior PET/CT fusion imaging in improving the diagnostic yield of CT-guided transthoracic core-needle biopsy (CNB) in lung masses.

    Authors: Yue Lin, Yanyan Xu, Jie Lin, Liping Fu, Hongliang Sun, Zhenguo Huang, Bee Yen Ooi and Sheng Xie
    Citation: BMC Pulmonary Medicine 2022 22:311
  29. High mobility group protein B2 (HMGB2) is a multifunctional protein that plays various roles in different cellular compartments. Moreover, HMGB2 serves as a potential prognostic biomarker and therapeutic targe...

    Authors: Xie Qiu, Wei Liu, Yifan Zheng, Kai Zeng, Hao Wang, Haijun Sun and Jianhua Dai
    Citation: BMC Pulmonary Medicine 2022 22:310

    The Correction to this article has been published in BMC Pulmonary Medicine 2022 22:378

  30. Tuberculosis (TB) is one of the main infectious diseases that seriously threatens global health, while diagnostic delay (DD) and treatment dramatically threaten TB control.

    Authors: Xue-han Zhu, Ning-ning Tao, Qian-yun Zhang, Wan-mei Song, Qi-qi An, Si-qi Liu, Yi-fan Li, Fei Long and Huai-chen Li
    Citation: BMC Pulmonary Medicine 2022 22:309
  31. Although diffuse alveolar damage (DAD) is a histopathological hallmark of acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS), its detection without lung biopsy is challenging. In patients with ARDS, the specificity of...

    Authors: Ryosuke Imai, Daisuke Yamada, Yutaka Tomishima, Tomoaki Nakamura, Clara So, Shosei Ro, Kohei Okafuji, Atsushi Kitamura, Torahiko Jinta and Naoki Nishimura
    Citation: BMC Pulmonary Medicine 2022 22:308
  32. To evaluate the diagnostic value of tumor M2-pyruvate kinase (TuM2-PK) and carcinoembryonic antigen (CEA) levels in both pleural effusion and serum in the differential diagnosis of benign and malignant pleural...

    Authors: Tiantian Zhang, Wei Liu, Li Li, Zou Jue and Chunhua Xu
    Citation: BMC Pulmonary Medicine 2022 22:307
  33. Acute exacerbation of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (AECOPD) contributes significantly to mortality among patients with COPD in Intensive care unit (ICU). This study aimed to develop a nomogram to pred...

    Authors: Jiang-Chen Peng, Wen-Wen Gong, Yan Wu, Tian-Yi Yan and Xiao-Yan Jiang
    Citation: BMC Pulmonary Medicine 2022 22:306
  34. Immunoglobulin G4 (IgG4)-related disease (IgG4-RD) is a systemic disease that involves the infiltration of IgG4-positive plasma cells in multiple organs. Kimura disease (KD) presents as subcutaneous masses on ...

    Authors: Ye Lu, Junxiu Liu, Hengyi Yan, Wei Feng, Li Zhao and Yu Chen
    Citation: BMC Pulmonary Medicine 2022 22:305
  35. Noninvasive ventilation (NIV) has been widely used in critically ill patients after extubation. However, NIV failure is associated with poor outcomes. This study aimed to determine early predictors of NIV fail...

    Authors: Huan Wang, Qin-Yu Zhao, Jing-Chao Luo, Kai Liu, Shen-Ji Yu, Jie-Fei Ma, Ming-Hao Luo, Guang-Wei Hao, Ying Su, Yi-Jie Zhang, Guo-Wei Tu and Zhe Luo
    Citation: BMC Pulmonary Medicine 2022 22:304
  36. Hospital work environment contains various biological and chemical exposures that can affect indoor air quality and have impact on respiratory health of the staff. The objective of this study was to investigat...

    Authors: Behzad Heibati, Maritta S. Jaakkola, Taina K. Lajunen, Alan Ducatman, Rahmat Veysi, Ali Karimi and Jouni J. K. Jaakkola
    Citation: BMC Pulmonary Medicine 2022 22:303
  37. Pulmonary rehabilitation is recommended for most patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). Accordingly, the aim of this study was to explore the feasibility of devising a pulmonary rehabilita...

    Authors: Mathanki Sooriyakanthan, Mark W. Orme, Kanagasabai Sivapalan, Gowry Selvaratnam, Sally J. Singh and Savithri Wimalasekera
    Citation: BMC Pulmonary Medicine 2022 22:302
  38. Little is known about the relationship between integrin subunit alpha V (ITGAV) and cancers, including small cell lung cancer (SCLC).

    Authors: Yu-Lu Tang, Guo-Sheng Li, Dong-Ming Li, Deng Tang, Jie-Zhuang Huang, Hao Feng, Rong-Quan He, Zhi-Guang Huang, Yi-Wu Dang, Jin-Liang Kong, Ting-Qing Gan, Hua-Fu Zhou, Jing-Jing Zeng and Gang Chen
    Citation: BMC Pulmonary Medicine 2022 22:300
  39. To investigate the circumstances that lead to acute exacerbation readmission of elderly patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) within 30 days and to explore the influencing factors of readm...

    Authors: Hong-Yan Lu, Rui Zhang, Yan Chang, Xiao-Na Zhang, Jie Zhao, Xin-Dan Li and Xiang-Kai Feng
    Citation: BMC Pulmonary Medicine 2022 22:299
  40. Recent years, idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (IPF) is thought to be a disease of alveoli as well as small airways. This study aimed to demonstrate the clinical feature, predictor, and prognosis of small airway ...

    Authors: Xinran Zhang, Bingbing Xie, Chenjun Ban, Yanhong Ren, Qiao Ye, Min Zhu, Yan Liu, Shu Zhang, Jing Geng, Dingyuan Jiang and Huaping Dai
    Citation: BMC Pulmonary Medicine 2022 22:297
  41. Coronavirus disease 2019-associated acute respiratory distress syndrome (COVID-19 ARDS) seems to differ from the “classic ARDS”, showing initial significant hypoxemia in the face of relatively preserved compli...

    Authors: Lucia Zacchetti, Luca Longhi, Isabella Bianchi, Maria Di Matteo, Filippo Russo, Lucia Gandini, Leonardo Manesso, Martina Monti, Roberto Cosentini, Fabiano Di Marco, Stefano Fagiuoli, Lorenzo Grazioli, Paolo Gritti, Fabio Previdi, Michele Senni, Marco Ranieri…
    Citation: BMC Pulmonary Medicine 2022 22:296
  42. Connective tissue disease associated pulmonary hypertension (CTD-PH) is classified as a subgroup of WHO group 1 PH, also called pulmonary arterial hypertension (PAH). However, not all CTD-PH fit hemodynamic de...

    Authors: Xingbei Dong, Yue Shi, Ying Xia, Xiao Zhang, Junyan Qian, Jiuliang Zhao, Jinmin Peng, Qian Wang, Li Weng, Mengtao Li, Bin Du and Xiaofeng Zeng
    Citation: BMC Pulmonary Medicine 2022 22:295
  43. Few studies have assessed lung function in Hispanic subjects recovering from mild COVID-19. Therefore, we examined the prevalence of impaired pulmonary diffusing capacity for carbon monoxide (DLCO) as defined ...

    Authors: Arturo Cortes-Telles, Esperanza Figueroa-Hurtado, Diana Lizbeth Ortiz-Farias and Gerald Stanley Zavorsky
    Citation: BMC Pulmonary Medicine 2022 22:294
  44. Percutaneous needle biopsy (PNB) and bronchoscopic biopsy (BB) are widely used in the preoperative diagnosis of pulmonary nodules, but whether PNB or BB may cause tumor spread through air spaces (STAS) has not...

    Authors: Yun Ding, Jiuzhen Li, Xin Li, Meilin Xu, Hua Geng and Daqiang Sun
    Citation: BMC Pulmonary Medicine 2022 22:293
  45. Acute exacerbation of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) is an important event in the process of disease management. Early identification of high-risk groups for readmission and appropriate measures ...

    Authors: Rui Zhang, Hongyan Lu, Yan Chang, Xiaona Zhang, Jie Zhao and Xindan Li
    Citation: BMC Pulmonary Medicine 2022 22:292
  46. Regulatory T cells (Treg cells) in the peripheral blood of patients with pulmonary tuberculosis (PTB) may be closely related to the progression of PTB. In this study, the distribution characteristics and clini...

    Authors: Xin Yu, Yao Lin, Hui Chen, Min-Juan Wu, Li-Na Huang, Yi-Yan Song, Bin-Bin Gu, Zhi-Jian Ye, Ping Xu, Jian-Ping Zhang and Jun-Chi Xu
    Citation: BMC Pulmonary Medicine 2022 22:291

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