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Table 6 Statistically significant relationships between the MRC chronic dyspnea score and the parameters of the cardiopulmonary exercise testing (CPET) in the study population quantified using Spearman's rank correlation coefficient

From: MRC chronic Dyspnea Scale: Relationships with cardiopulmonary exercise testing and 6-minute walk test in idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis patients: a prospective study

CPET parameter   MRC score
VO2 peak r -.496
  p .012
VO2 peak % r -.481
  p .017
VO2 peak/kg r -.731
  p <.001
SPO2 peak r -.682
  p <.001
BR peak % r -.437
  p .029
VE/VCO2 slope r .731
  p <0.001
HR recovery r -.629
  p .001
VE/VCO2 at AT* r 0.630
  p .002
Borg scale at peak exercise r 0.5
  p .01
  1. VO2 peak: oxygen uptake at peak exercise, AT anaerobic threshold, SPO2 oxygen saturation, VE peak: minute ventilation at peak exercise, VE/VCO2 slope: slope of relationship between VE and VCO2, HR Heart rate, *VE/VCO2 at AT refers to 21 patients who reached AT