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Table 1 Questionnaire for the assessment of asthma control

From: Asthma control in patients receiving inhaled corticosteroid and long-acting beta2-agonist fixed combinations. A real-life study comparing dry powder inhalers and a pressurized metered dose inhaler extrafine formulation

1. Have daytime asthma symptoms occurred during the last week (dyspnoea, shortness of breath, wheezing)?  
a. No 0 points
b. Yes, maximum twice a week 1 point
c. Yes, more than twice a week 5 points
2. Have night-time symptoms occurred OR have you been woken up by asthma symptoms during the last week?  
a. No 0 points
b. Yes, but I am not sure if it was asthma 1 point
c. Yes 5 points
3. Have you felt any limitation during physical activity during the last week?  
a. No 0 points
b. Yes, but only during hard physical work 1 point
c. Yes, during normal daily activities 5 points
4. How frequently have you used reliever therapy during the last week(Ventolin/Berotec/Berodual/Salbutamol/Atrovent/Bricanyl/Symbicort reliever)?*  
a. Never 0 points
b. Twice or less 1 point
c. More than twice 5 points
5. Have you had an acute exacerbation/attack of asthma that resulted in emergency department/hospitalization since you started using this maintenance therapy?  
a. No 0 points
b. Yes 5 points
Total score:  
CONTROLLED ASTHMA = 0-4 points  
UNCONTROLLED ASTHMA = more than 14  
  1. * Ventolin/Berotec/Berodual/Salbutamol/Atrovent were all MDI formulations.