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Table 2 SGRQ-C items grouped by corresponding CAT severity category

From: Creating scenarios of the impact of copd and their relationship to copd assessment test (CAT™) scores

Low Impact
(CAT 1-10)
Medium Impact
(CAT 11-20)
High Impact
(CAT 21-30)
Very High Impact
(CAT 31-40)
Breathless several days a week
Housework takes long or stop for rests
Chest causes lot of problems or most important problem
Cough causes tiredness
Breathless walking up hills
Breathless most days a week
3 or more attacks of chest trouble in last year
Takes a long time to get washed or dressed
Difficult to carry heavy loads, etc (-3.16) Bring up phlegm several days a week
Get afraid/panic when can't get breath
Breathless walking around home
Have to stop/slow down if hurry/walk fast
Wheezing attacks only with chest infections
Breathless walking on level ground outside the house
Chest trouble is a nuisance to family, friends (1.49)
Chest condition causes a few problems
Cough several days a week
Wheezing attacks several days a week
Cannot take bath/shower or takes long time (1.55)
Difficult to walk up hill, light gardening, etc
Wheezing attacks a few days a month
Cough and/or breathing embarrassing in public
Cannot go out for entertainment (1.87)
Most days are good in average week
1-2 attack of chest trouble in last year
Cough and/or breathing disturbs sleep
Coughs hurts (2.11)
Stops 1 or 2 things
Bring up phlegm most days a week
Feel not in control of chest problem (0.49) Cannot do housework
Breathless walking up a flight of stairs
A few good days in an average week
Wheezing attacks most days a week
Have become frail or invalid because of chest (2.42)
Cough only with chest infections
Cough most days a week
Stops patient doing most things they want to do (0.60) Cannot go out of house for shopping
Walk slower than others or stop for rests
Breathless when bending over
Breathless getting washed/dressed (0.62) Stops patient doing everything they want to do (3.11)
Breathless only with chest infections
Wheeze worse in morning
No good days in average week (0.63) Cannot move far from bed or chair (3.40)
Get exhausted easily
  Breathless when talking
Walk slowly or stop walking one flight of stairs
  Exercise felt not to be safe
Bring up phlegm only with chest infections
  Everything seems too much of an effort
Usually cannot play sports or games
  1. Figure in bold brackets is the SGRQ-C item's severity expressed in logits; low score (negative) = mild, high score (positive) = severe