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Table 3 COPD ladder of poor health

From: Creating scenarios of the impact of copd and their relationship to copd assessment test (CAT™) scores

CAT score Descriptions
40 Cannot move far from bed or chair
Have become frail or an invalid
Cannot do housework
35 Cannot take bath/shower or takes a long time
Breathless walking around the home
Chest trouble has become a nuisance to friends/relatives
30 Everything seems too much of an effort
No good days in the week
Stops patient doing most of what they want to do
25 Feel that not in control of chest problem
Cough/breathing disturbs sleep
Get afraid or panic when cannot get breath
20 Wheeze worse in the morning
Breathless on bending over
Wheezing attacks on most days
15 Cough several days a week
Breathlessness on most days
Housework takes a long time or have to take rests
10 Usually cannot play sports or games
Gets exhausted easily
Walk slower than other people or stop for rests
5 Breathlessness stops patient doing one or two things
Chest condition causes a few problems
Breathless walking up hills
  1. This ladder is a Guttman scale, so at any given level of CAT score, it is probable that the patient will experience most of the less severe descriptions