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Table 5 Explanation of the overall treatment variation by 6 families of clinical variables

From: Multidimensional analyses to assess the relations between treatment choices by physicians and patients’ characteristics: the example of COPD

Family Selected variables Adjusted R2 P value
Socio-demographics stature, age, lifestyle (living alone,…), 0.0047 0.001
History of COPD and comorbidities history of right ventricular failure, emphysema, sleep apnea, asthma, dyspnea, chronic sputum production, ischemic heart disease. 0.01998 0.001
Symptoms the days of visit dyspnea (MRC), chronic bronchitis 0.02515 0.001
Lung function FEV1, FEV1%, FVC, 0.02120 0.001
Exacerbations and smoking status number of exacerbations, current smoking, current occupational exposure to dust or smoke 0.00626 0.00494
Investigations (d. stands for done and p. for prescribed) sleep oxymetry d., walking test d., arterial blood gases d., scintigraphy d., polysomnography d., ECG d., VO2max d., VO2max p., 6MWT p., DLCO p., scintigraphy p., EKG p. 0.03927 0.001
  1. The order of variables is the order of their contribution to the explanation of the variation of COPD treatments. d.: done; p.: prescribed.