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Table 4 Description of current level of care of included GP practices: distribution of the performance indicators of the practices

From: RECODE: Design and baseline results of a cluster randomized trial on cost-effectiveness of integrated COPD management in primary care

Measurement category Process indicator % (SD)
Smoking % RECODE patients with registered smoking status 53 (27.9)
  % RECODE patients that are registered smokers 35 (19.3)
  %RECODE patients, which are registered smokers with stop-smoking advice in the last year 35 (34.3)
BMI % RECODE patients of which the BMI is measured in the last year 42 (23.8)
Treatment & monitoring % RECODE patients with inhalation technique controlled in the last year 13 (20.3)
% RECODE patients with a spirometry test in the last year 12 (14.9)
% RECODE patients with monitored functioning with a structured method ( CCQ or MRC) in the last year 28 (27.4)
  % RECODE patients with controlled physical activity in the last year 30 (24.9)