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Archived Comments for: Differences in classification of COPD group using COPD assessment test (CAT) or modified Medical Research Council (mMRC) dyspnea scores: a cross-sectional analyses

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  1. Concordance of mMRC and CAT when used for COPD classification according to GOLD 2011

    Norbert Banik, Winicker Norimed Medical Research GmbH, Munich, Germany

    16 July 2013

    I read your article with big interest. It seems that we now have already a couple of indications that the two alternative classification systems suggeted by GOLD will need some revision - as you also concluded.
    I wanted to make you aware of a similar work which appeared online in ERJ already in December 2012 ( Unfortunately it did not show up in print yet.
    I want to mention that CAT is a validated score and item-wise use is not intended. The correlation analyses you presented with regard to single CAT items and mMRC is thus lacking a methodological sound basis.

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