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Table 2 Patients' (n = 3415) attitudes to asthma management (scale: disagree strongly, disagree somewhat, agree somewhat, agree strongly [data for patients who agreed with each statement are presented])

From: Attitudes and actions of asthma patients on regular maintenance therapy: the INSPIRE study

Attitude statement Agree somewhat n (%) Agree strongly n (%)
I want to take treatments that provide immediate relief 577 (17) 2498 (73)
I use my medication as and when necessary 530 (16) 2240 (66)
I am confident I know my asthma well enough to intervene early to try and prevent worsening symptoms 829 (24) 2069 (61)
I prefer to adjust my maintenance ICS/combination medication to the changes of my asthma, taking less when feeling well and more when feeling worse 624 (18) 1723 (50)
I am concerned about taking too much medication when I am well 719 (21) 1139 (33)
Despite taking my medication as my doctor tells me to, I still have a fear of having a serious asthma attack 682 (20) 1000 (29)
When I feel well, I believe there is no need to take my medication every day 464 (14) 837 (25)
I would prefer to take a high dose of ICS/combination medication to try to avoid as many symptoms as possible 588 (17) 626 (18)
I am much more likely to try to manage my asthma myself, rather than visit my physician as soon as my symptoms become bothersome 804 (24) 1601 (47)
I am concerned about taking higher doses of medication due to possible side effects 792 (23) 1246 (36)