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Table 2 Variables already collected and variables to be collected in the current survey

From: Risk factors and immunological pathways for asthma and other allergic diseases in children: background and methodology of a longitudinal study in a large urban center in Northeastern Brazil (Salvador-SCAALA study)

Study variables Origin of the data
  Previous baseline surveys and follow-up Present survey 2005–20061
Demographic and socio-economic   
Sex X  
Birth date X X
Race/skin color X  
On socio-economic condition:   
   • parental schooling X X
   • domestic goods X X
Environmental factors   
Sanitation and water supply X X
Presence of pets   X
Indoor smoking   X
Housing (e.g., floor, number of rooms) X X
Presence of allergens in dust (mites and cockroach)   X
Presence of endotoxin and mould in the house   X
Whether the house is located in an area of intense car traffic   X
Psycho-social factors   
domestic violence   X
Experience of discrimination   X
Resilience   X
Maternal and family related factors   
Maternal smoking during pregnancy X X
Asthma and other allergic diseases in the family   X
Number of pregnancies X X
Child health   
Prenatal Care X X
Weight at birth X  
Breast-feeding duration X X
Vaccination (BCG, DTP, measles) X X
Whether attended kindergarten X X
Number of people who live in each household   X
Nutritional status X X
Global health status, as evaluated by the guardian X  
Diarrhoea longitudinal prevalence X  
Cough longitudinal prevalence X  
Short of breath longitudinal prevalence X  
Fever longitudinal prevalence X  
Other infections (pneumonia, otites, causes for hospitalisations) X X
Use of antibiotics X X
Specific Infections   
Intestinal helminth and parasitic infections (stool examinations) X X
Serologic test to A. lumbricoides, T. trichura, Toxopalsma. gondii, Toxocara canis, hepatitis A and other virus   X
Skin prick test   X
Total and specific IgE titres to most important allergens   X
Antibody to mites and cockroach   X
Immunological makers   
IL-10, IL-13, TGF-β, IFN-Gamma   X
  1. Note: the same data are planned to be collected in a survey scheduled to 2008.