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Table 1 Case Data Summaries

From: Aerosolized amikacin for treatment of pulmonary Mycobacterium aviuminfections: an observational case series

Pt. No Sex, Age (Years) NTM Species Radiographic Pattern Duration of therapy prior to starting amikacin (months) Amikacin Therapeutic Regimen Duration of Inhaled Amikacin (months) Current Therapeutic Regimen Current Patient Status Current Sputum Culture Status
1 F, 73 MAC nodular infiltrates, bronchiectasis in RUL, RML, lingula 96 CLA, RIF, EMB, inhaled amikacin 9 no oral antibiotics since 7/05; no inhaled amikacin since 6/06. rare cough, wt loss, sweats, fatigue; abdominal cramps negative for 21 months; now positive (MAC)
2 F, 67 MAC bilateral bronchiectasis, cavitary lesion RUL and bilateral apical fibrosis/scarring 12 AZI, RIF, EMB, inhaled amikacin 4 n/a progressive disease; died persistent positive at death
3 F, 66 MAC, M. chelonae bronchiectasis RML, RLL, LLL, lingula; bilateral apical fibrosis/scarring, centrilobular nodules 48 AZI, RIF, EMB, inhaled amikacin 52 AZI 500 mg/d since 4/06 status post multiple lobectomies; cough and exertional dyspnea; daily low grade fevers negative for 6 months., now positive; M. chelonae (resistant to amikacin
4 F, 71 MAC bronchiectasis and centrilobular nodules in posterior segments of both upper lobes, RML, lingula and lower lobes 36 CLA, inhaled amikacin 16 no antibiotics since 11/05 rare cough negative for 7 months; now positive; MAC (resistant to EMB, RIF)
5 F, 52 MAC, M. chelonae LUL wedge resection for MAC; bronchiectasis in LLL, RUL; R apical scarring, nodules in LLL, LUL, lingula 0.5 AZI, inhaled amikacin (thrombocytopenia on RIF/EMB) 13 inhaled amikacin 1000 mg/d and AZI 250 mg/d since 5/05 improved with some cough, no purulence negative for 6 mo.
6 F, 54 MAC bronchiectasis w/bronchial wall thickening RLL, RUL. 13 AZI, inhaled amikacin 8 AZI 500 mg 2/wk, inhaled amikacin 1000 mg 3/wk rare cough, clinically well no cough sputum (despite sputum induction)
  1. Abbreviations: AZI (azithromycin); CIP (ciprofloxacin); CLA (clarithromycin); EMB (ethambutol); RIF(rifampin); RUL (right upper lobe); RML (right middle lobe); RLL (right lower lobe); LLL (left lower lobe)