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Table 1 Schedule of data collection

From: A cluster randomised controlled trial of nurse and GP partnership for care of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease

  At identification At recruitment 6-months 12-months
Age, gender, language spoken X X   
Demographic information   X   
Index of Comorbidity   X   
Number medication classes   X X* X
St George's Resp Ques   X X X
Spirometry   X X X
Immunisation status   X X X
Patient knowledge of COPD   X X X
Patient satisfaction with care   X X X
Smoking status: self-report   X X X
   CO analyser   X X X
Health status (SF12)   X X X
Health service use   X X X
Value of partnership   X X X
Role and value of care plan     X
  1. * respiratory medications only