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Table 1 Definition of asthma control – a composite measure – over 12 months

From: Inhaled corticosteroids for asthma: impact of practice level device switching on asthma control

  Assessment of Asthma Control*
Criterion for the Composite Measure Successful Treatment
(All Criteria)
Partially Successful Treatment
(All Criteria)
Unsuccessful Treatment
(≥ 1 Criterion)
Mean SABA dose ≤0.5 dose/day 0.5 to ≤2 doses/day >2 doses/day
Oral corticosteroid use/yr None ≤2 courses ≥3 courses
Controller therapy Not changed Not changed Changed
Hospitalization† None None ≥1
  1. SABA = short-acting β-agonist; 1 daily dose = salbutamol 200 μg or terbutaline 500 μg.
  2. *Successful and partially successful treatment had to meet each criterion, while unsuccessful treatment could be defined by any one or more of the criteria.
  3. †This includes any hospital attendance for asthma, including admission, emergency department, or outpatient department (hospital clinic) attendance.