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Table 1 Results of pulmonary function tests

From: Diffuse parenchymal lung disease as first clinical manifestation of GATA-2 deficiency in childhood

  Initial investigation After 2-year follow-up
FVC 4.58 l (85%) 4.82 l (81%)
FEV1 4.48 l/min (101%) 4.45 l/min (93%)
MEF50 7.32 l/min (140%) 7.17 l/min (121%)
TLC 6.14 l (92%) 6.09 l (78%)
DLCO 87% 81%
  1. Legend: The first examination was performed two weeks after disease manifestation, there were more than 10 tests performed in the follow-up, all showing similar values. The numbers are related to normal values (parenthesis); the reference cohort has changed during the follow-up (< 18 and > 18 years of age). The shape of expiratory/inspiratory flow curve suggested intermittently mild periphery obstruction. Abbreviations:FVC Forced vital capacity, FEV1 Forced expiratory volume in 1 second, MEF Maximal mid-expiratory flow, TLC Total lung capacity, DLCO Diffusing lung capacity.