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Fig. 2

From: Evaluation of inhaler technique and achievement and maintenance of mastery of budesonide/formoterol Spiromax® compared with budesonide/formoterol Turbuhaler® in adult patients with asthma: the Easy Low Instruction Over Time (ELIOT) study

Fig. 2

Patient disposition in the cross-sectional phase and the longitudinal phase. aEleven patients did not have device assessment because training devices were not available at the site. Withdrawals during the cross-sectional phase were not captured because of the study design. bOne patient was eligible for the longitudinal phase and was included in the ITT analysis; however, no device was available at the visit and the patient withdrew consent before treatment was allocated. cOnly patients who achieved device mastery on both devices could proceed to stage 2. dData were captured retrospectively. eOther reasons for study withdrawal during the longitudinal phase included the following: Visit 2 was not scheduled and patient inclusion/exclusion criteria were not met. Note: Numbers in parentheses are numbers of patients. Percentages are based on the number of patients randomly assigned device order in the cross-sectional phase (n = 493). BF: budesonide formoterol; FAS: full analysis set; ITT: intent-to-treat

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