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Table 3 Details of follow-up visits

From: A prospective study of salvational intervention with ICS/LABA for reducing chronic obstructive pulmonary disease exacerbation under severe air pollution (SIRCAP) in Beijing: protocol of a multi-center randomized controlled trial

Follow-up Visit Baseline(V1) Before randomize(V2) The first time after randomization(V3) The second time after randomization(V4) The third time after randomization(V5) The fourth time after randomization(V6)
Screening period 4 weeks ± 1 day after washout period (in demand) 6 months ± 3 days after randomization 12 months ± 3 days after randomization 18 months ± 3 days after randomization 24 months ± 3 days after randomization
Informed consent x      
Basic information x      
Alteration of basic information   x x x x x
History of COPD x      
Criteria x      
Wash-out x      
SGRQ x x x x x x
CAT x x x x x x
mMRC x x x x x x
BODE x x x x x x
AECOPD questionnaire x x x x x x
Physical examination x x x x x x
Lung function test x x x x x x
6 min walk time, 6MWT x x x x x x
Arterial blood gas analysis x      x
Other medication x x x x x x
Adverse events report   x x x x x