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Table 6 Determinants of above median annual total healthcare cost and its components in SSc-PAH in multivariable logistic regression

From: The economic burden of systemic sclerosis related pulmonary arterial hypertension in Australia

Determinants of annual total healthcare costOR (95%CI)p-value
Female2.42 (0.8-7.6)0.13
Age at onset of PAH, years1.00 (0.9-1.0)0.76
Caucasian ethnicity2.89 (0.4-19.3)0.27
Diffuse disease subtype1.74 (0.7-4.5)0.26
Digital ulceration1.82 (0.8-3.9)0.13
Mild ILD^ (FVC>70%)1.63 (0.8-3.6)0.23
Combination PAH specific therapy1.01 (0.5-2.2)0.97
Severe PAH*2.46 (1.1-5.6)0.03
Determinants of hospital costOR (95%CI)p-value
Female3.08 (0.9-9.7)0.05
Caucasian ethnicity1.94 (0.4-10.2)0.43
Diffuse disease subtype1.38 (0.6-3.4)0.49
Severe PAH*2.25 (1.1-5.0)0.04
Mild ILD^ (FVC>70%)1.97 (0.9-4.3)0.09
Combination PAH specific therapy1.35 (0.6-2.8)0.43
Determinants of ED costOR (95%CI)p-value
Female1.38 (0.4-5.1)0.62
Age at onset of PAH, years1.00 (0.9-1.1)0.72
Caucasian ethnicity1.52 (0.2-10.6)0.67
Diffuse disease subtype1.26 (0.5-3.3)0.64
Severe PAH*1.61 (0.6-4.0)0.31
COAD5.44 (1.2-25.6)0.03
Combination PAH specific therapy0.65 (0.3-1.5)0.31
Determinants of MBS costOR (95%CI)p-value
Female1.67 (0.6-4.8)0.34
Age at onset of PAH, years1.01 (0.9-1.1)0.47
Caucasian ethnicity6.89 (0.8-60.3)0.08
Diffuse disease subtype1.49 (0.6-3.5)0.35
Severe PAH*1.02 (0.5-2.1)0.96
Combination PAH specific therapy1.57 (0.8-3.2)0.22
  1. Abbreviations: pulmonary arterial hypertension (PAH), interstitial lung disease (ILD), chronic obstructive airway disease (COAD), forced vital capacity (FVC), emergency department (ED) Medical Benefit Schedule (MBS),
  2. ^ to ensure that we were only evaluating WHO Group 1 PAH in our SSc cohort, patients were excluded if they had Group 1 PAH and co-existing ILD with a FVC <70% and an abnormal high-resolution computer tomography (HRCT) of the chest. V/Q scanning was preformed to exclude pulmonary hypertension due to chronic thromboembolism
  3. *severe PAH defined by the presence of WHO Functional Class IV, presence of a pericardial effusion, 6MWD <300m, right atrial pressure on right heart catheter of >15 and cardiac index of <2.