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Table 2 Characteristics of studies involving in comparison of the differences of serum Cys C levels

From: The association between cystatin C and COPD: a meta-analysis and systematic review

Qu et al [37]2010701.760.62///300.980.51
Sun et al [39]2013300.950.23541.120.26///
Zhang et al [27]20141290.1150.05///1220.1050.03
Zhang et al [29]20142991.030.21931.090.221510.840.18
Yoshizawa et al [40]20151081.20.4///730.90.2
Liu et al [41]2015600.12540.0309720.13150.0425360.10840.0267
Zhang et al [42]2015///901.310.3900.870.13
Zhou et al [43]2016600.940.221081.130.25///
Ni et al [44]2017450.13390.0154450.14780.0212450.10450.0209
Selda et al [31]2018681.010.56580.970.29500.470.13
Amado et al [28]2018650.970.32///180.880.2
Dickson et al [30]20193621.180.47116371.210.47///
  1. Abbreviations: COPD Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, Cys C Cystatin C, AECOPD acute exacerbation COPD, SCOPD stable COPD