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Table 4 Efficacy evaluation of rmhTNF combined with cisplatin versus cisplatin alone through thoracic perfusion for treating MPE

From: Thoracic perfusion of recombinant mutant human tumor necrosis factor (rmhTNF) can be considered as a good adjunct in the treatment of malignant pleural effusion caused by lung cancer

StudyStudy design (N)Intravenous chemotherapy simultaneouslyPleural perfusion (N)Efficacy of therapyImprovement of SI (N,%)
Group 1Group 2Group 1Group 2
Group 1Group 2CRPRSDPDCRPRSDPDGroup 1Group 2
Yuquan L 2005 [25]1818NormhTNF+cisplatinCisplatin51132106
Do W 2005 [20]3131NormhTNF+cisplatinCisplatin14134101011
Yanhao W 2006 [13]2828NormhTNF+cisplatinCisplatin101355914
Zhijun W [26]5331NormhTNF+cisplatinCisplatin311849166
Shimeng F 2010 [22]4330NormhTNF+cisplatinCisplatin27124981340/4317/30
Hua Z 2010 [9]3424TPrmhTNF+cisplatinCisplatin28331824
Xiqiang W 2010 [24]2331NormhTNF+cisplatinCisplatin218311713
Haiyan C 2015 [10]2627NormhTNF+cisplatinCisplatin61914158
Jin L 2015 [12]2629NormhTNF+cisplatinCisplatin16811798524/2616/29
Tao H 2016 [23]3030NormhTNF+cisplatinCisplatin141248814
Chun W 2016 [19]3232NormhTNF+cisplatinCisplatin16887619
Hua Z 2017 [21]2118NormhTNF+cisplatinCisplatin2136198
  1. N cases, rmhTNF recombinant mutant human tumor necrosis factor injection, Group 1 rmhTNF injection combined with cisplatin, Group 2 cisplatin alone, CR complete response, PR partial response, SD stable disease, PD progressive disease, TP cisplatin in combination with paclitaxel