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Table 3 Step 2: IVW fixed-effect MR estimates of the causal effect of DNA methylation on lung function

From: Role of DNA methylation in the association of lung function with body mass index: a two-step epigenetic Mendelian randomisation study

CpGGeneLung functionMR estimate (SE)a (ECRHS + NFBC + SAPALDIA + UK Biobank; n = 283,476)P
cg09046979SBK1FEV1−0.0003 (0.003)0.89
 FVC−0.001 (0.005)0.75
 FEV1/FVC−0.0002 (0.003)0.93
  1. aMR estimates (S.E.) represent the change in lung function (L) per methylation proportion (unit is %)