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Table 1 Number of samples used per donor in each experimental group

From: Effect of sub-chronic exposure to cigarette smoke, electronic cigarette and waterpipe on human lung epithelial barrier function

Group CS and EC TW
Experiment Donor 1 Donor 2 Donor 3
FITC-Dextran 2 1 N.d.
TEER 3 2 3
CBF and %Pixels 3 2 3
Cell velocity 3 2 N.d.
RT-qPCR 2 1 3
Age 50 40 59
Sex Male Female Female
Health status Healthy Healthy Healthy
  1. We did not collect cells directly; demographic data are provided by Epithelix and MatTek (details in the Methods section), and presented for informative purposes. The number of samples and origin (donor number) in the control groups is matched to information reported in Table 1. N.d, not determined