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Table 1 ICD-10 codes for definition of comorbidity complexes

From: Comorbidities associated with nontuberculous mycobacterial disease in Japanese adults: a claims-data analysis

Comorbidity complexes ICD-10 codes
Arrhythmia I44.x, I45.x, I47.x, I48.x, I49.x
Aspergillosis B44.x
Asthma J45.x
Bone fracture M80.x, M84.0, M84.3, M84.4, M96.6, S02.x, S22.x, S32.x, S42.x, S52.x, S62.x, S72.x, S82.x, S92.x, T02.x, T08, T14.2, T91.1, T93.2, T94.1
Breast cancer C50.x
Chronic heart failure I11.x, I42.x, I50.x
Chronic kidney disease N18.x, N28.9
COPD J43.x, J44.9
Crohn’s disease K50.x
Depression F32.x, F33.x
Diabetes mellitus E10.x-E14.x, R73.0
Diffuse panbronchiolitis J44.8
Dyslipidemia E78.x
GERD K21.0, K21.9
Heart valve disease I05.x-I08.x, I34.x-I37.x, I38
HIV infection B24
Hypertension I10, I11.x, I12.x, I15.x
Ischemic heart disease I20.x, I21.x, I24.x, I25.1, I25.2, I25.5, I25.6, I25.9
Interstitial pneumonia J84.1, J84.9, J70.4
Liver cirrhosis B18.1, B18.2, K70.3, K74.6
Lung cancer C34.x
Osteoporosis M80.x, M81.x
Other cancer C00.x-C26.x, C30.x-C33.x, C37.x-C41.x, C43.x-C49.x, C51.x-C55.x, C57.x, C58.x, C60.x, C62.x-C85.x, C88.x, C90.x-C97.x
Ovary cancer C56
PM/DM M33.x
Prostate cancer C61
Rheumatoid arthritis M06.9
Sjogren syndrome M35.0
SLE M32.1, M32.9
Systemic sclerosis M34.x
  1. COPD Chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases, GERD Gastroesophageal reflux, HIV Human immunodeficiency virus, PM/DM Polymyositis/dermatomyositis, SLE Systemic lupus erythematosus