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Table 4 Factors associated with request for urgent review

From: Does this lung nodule need urgent review? A discrete choice experiment of Australian general practitioners

VariableAdj-OR95% CIp value
Patient age (per increasing 10 year increment)0.780.67-0.910.001
Smoking history
 • Never smokerReference  
 • Current smoker2.901.78-4.72<0.0001
 • Recent ex-smoker1.370.87-2.170.86
 • Distant ex-smoker0.990.63-1.550.01
Respiratory symptoms
 • Incidentally found (no symptoms)Reference  
 • Cough and breathlessness2.701.76-4.150.76
 • Haemoptysis4.793.05-7.520.0003
 • Unintentional loss of weight4.873.13-7.590.0001
Nodule spiculation (yes vs no)5.573.88-7.99<0.0001
Nodule size (per increasing size increment)1.351.25-1.45<0.0001
Radiologist recommendation
 • No recommendation providedReference  
 • Specialist respiratory review2.221.41-3.480.01
 • Urgent respiratory review4.682.86-7.65<0.0001
 • Repeat CT as per guidelines0.560.36-0.87<0.0001
GP gender (female vs male)1.871.36-2.560.0001
Hours worked per week by GP (per increasing interval)0.830.71-0.970.02
Alpha intercept 1.09