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Fig. 1

From: CD248 and integrin alpha-8 are candidate markers for differentiating lung fibroblast subtypes

Fig. 1

a Left: Flow cytometry side scatter (SSC: x-axis) vs. forward scatter (FSC: y-axis) plot, showing single cells isolated from the mouse lung. Middle: expression levels of lineage-specific cell surface markers on these cells (x-axis); Linneg cells were sorted from the APC-negative fraction (red rectangle). Right: Histogram showing platelet-derived growth factor receptor A (PDGFRA) expression levels on linneg cells (x-axis); representative results are presented in all panels. b Two hundred cells of each indicated population were cultured. The numbers of colonies developing from pulmonary single cells (Pu), linneg, linnegPDGFRAneg, linnegPDGFRAlow, and linnegPDGFRAhigh cells at day 7 after sorting are presented. All experiments were performed in triplicate, and means ± standard deviations of the results obtained in three independent experiments are presented; **P < 0.01. c Representative flow cytometry plot showing the expression of Thy-1 and Sca-1 on linnegPDGFRAhigh cells. A-, B-, and C-type fibroblasts indicate linnegPDGFRAhighSca-1highThy-1low, linnegPDGFRAhighSca-1highThy-1high, and linnegPDGFRAhighSca-1low cells, respectively

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