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Table 4 Table Showing the Data Regarding the Nebulizers’ Hygiene and Maintenance

From: Microbial contamination of home nebulizers in children with cystic fibrosis and clinical implication on the number of pulmonary exacerbations

Data regarding nebulizers’ Hygienen (%)
total = 61
Cleaning step
 None47 (77%)
 Tap Water6 (9.8%)
 Hot water8 (13.1%)
Disinfecting step
 None33 (54.1%)
 Alcohol4 (6.5%)
 Boiling water16 (26.2%)
 Hot water8 (13.2%)
Drying step
 Air dry53 (86.9%)
 Towel3 (5%)
 Tissue paper5 (8.1%)
Frequency step
 After each inhalation31 (50.8%)
 Once a day19 (31.2%)
 Once a week5 (8.2%)
 Irregularly6 (9.8%)
All steps
 Correct16 (26.2%)
 Incorrect45 (73.8%)