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Table 2 Associations between longitudinal processes and risk of PE*

From: Multivariate joint modeling to identify markers of growth and lung function decline that predict cystic fibrosis pulmonary exacerbation onset

 log (HR) estimates (SE) and P-value
I – Null−0.0305 (5e-04) P < 0.001
II – BMIp−0.0324 (6–04) P = 0.002− 0.0004 (3–04) P = 0.988
III – WFA−0.0334 (7e-04) P = 0.0030.0006 (2e-04) P = 0.761
IV – HFA−0.0308 (5e-04) P = 0.0010.0004 (1e-04) P = 0.927
V – WFA and HFA−0.0327 (6 e-04) P = 0.0050.0022 (9e-04) P = 0.683−0.0019 (1e-03) P = 0.737
  1. Abbreviations: BMIp body mass index percentile, FEV1 forced expiratory volume in 1 s, HFA height-for-age percentile, HR hazard ratio, PE pulmonary exacerbation, WFA weight-for-age percentile. *Associations estimated as log hazard using the posterior mean (SE) with corresponding p-value in the Bayesian sense. Log-hazard estimates > 0 (< 0) imply positive (negative) association between the longitudinal process and PE onset. Results are reported as HRs in text. Each model includes all covariates (see Methods). All joint model parameter estimates are provided in Supplement S1