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Table 1 Proportions of different components of secondary structure for B-YL peptide in surfactant lipid formulations based on FTIR spectroscopic analysis

From: Structural and functional stability of the sulfur-free surfactant protein B peptide mimic B-YL in synthetic surfactant lipids

Sample* % Conformation
α-Helix Loop-Turn ß-Sheet Disordered
B-YL (2 days) 42.5 23.2 13.6 20.4
B-YL (3 years) 41.9 24.5 14.7 18.9
  1. *Peptides in synthetic surfactant dried films hydrated with D2O were analyzed for secondary conformation based on secondary structural analysis using spectral deconvolution of the ATR-FTIR spectra of the peptide amide I band (see Methods)