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Table 1 Patient information and clinical data collected in IRIS

From: IRIS: Infection with RespIratory Syncytial Virus in infants—a prospective observational cohort study

Type of data Collected variables
General information Patient and cent identifier, date of inclusion, demographic data (e.g. date of birth, sex, region of origin, parental ethnicity), weight, height
Case history Date of admission, preexisting and concomitant diseases, medication prior to hospitalisation, or surgical interventions
Clinical data Vital signs, oxygen saturation breathing ambient air, respiratory signs and symptoms, initiated treatment, complications, duration of hypoxemia, respiratory support, days of hospitalisation
Diagnostics RSV POCT/PCR results. Optional: diff blood count, CRP, creatinin, Na, Urea, blood gas, viral pathogen screening of airway swab
Imaging Optional: chest radiograph or ultrasound
Other data Atopy, vitamin D supplementation, family history of airway diseases, parental diseases